Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers
Volunteer rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife
  • Possum Box

In conjunction with one of our local men's sheds, these possum nesting boxes are being constructed and installed in appropriate areas.

Possums are quite territorial, so when a possum moves into a nest box, it is likely to keep returning to the same box for life. If the nest box becomes vacant, another possum is very likely to move in and claim the box for itself. As suitable habitat becomes lost or humans block access to the habitats provided by domestic roofs, sheds and other structures, possums can be left homeless. By installing possum boxes in suitable locations, we can release rehabilitated possums into familiar territories, safe in the knowledge that they will have a place to call home.

Donation Amount: $25 pays for the supply and installation of one possum box.

PayPal-issued receipts are acceptable to the ATO as proof of donation.