Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers
Volunteer rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife
  • Bat Creche

When orphaned bats reach an appropriate weight and level of maturity, they need to be moved to a suitable creche facility where they are placed in a large group of other bats of similar age in order to prepare them for release into the wild. Bats can spend four or more weeks in such a creche and during this time they are measured and weighed to ensure healthy development. Most importantly, during their time in creche they are fed entirely on fresh fruit. Like many teenagers, these bats can have quite an appetite and require large quantities of food to prepare them for life as adults. Wildlife groups entering bats into creches are usually required to pay a fee per bat to cover the cost of providing this important part of the bats' final stage of rehabilitation.

A $150 donation will cover the cost of creche fees for one bat and contribute to the bats' transport costs (which may be hundreds of kilometres depending on placement availability). Even a partial donation will contribute to this important stage in a bat's rehabilitation.

Donation Amounts: $150, $100, $50 or amount of your choice.

PayPal-issued receipts are acceptable to the ATO as proof of donation.