• Many people and organisations have asked us how they can be a part of what

    The Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers is doing. The examples below are a small amount of the animals we have saved. You can download Details of how you can sponsor an animal. For those who would like to donate. Bank Details as below.


    BSB 637000  Account No 718459699

    • A young wombat had ears badly frost bitten and found beside road with dead mother survived well.

    • Echidna was found with a spear embedded in her side.

    • A Tawney ready for release
    • Possum saved from dog
    • A hairless Joey was raised successfully and released

    The Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers rescues approximately 300 animals per year from various places : Koalas from power poles and dogs, possums from roofs, Joeys after their mother has been killed by car, Wombats from  cars and dogs, Tawney Frog Mouths from cats snakes from 'people'. We spend many thousands of dollars on food housing and equipment.  Most of our money is raised from donations and raffles an amount is raised from grants from sources.  The New England Mutual is one of those from who we gets grants and support by printing our newsletter.
    • Young Koala still still cuddling dead mother, young survived

    • A Hair Wallaby survived after mother was hit by car
    • A Greater Glider
    • A Bettong, smallest of the Macropod family saved from a cat
    • A Pottaroo saved from a cat

    • Snake rescue