Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers
Volunteer rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife
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  • About NTWC
  • About NTWC
  • About NTWC

Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers is a network of trained volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife and are licensed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers (NTWC) Incorporated was formed in 1993 by a small group of dedicated local wildlife carers. It was formed to assist with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured or misplaced native animals across the Northern Tablelands area.

The organisation aims to:

  • rescue and rehabilitate native animals across the Northern Tablelands region
  • form a strong local support network of skilled wildlife carers and interested members
  • raise funds to help carers meet veterinary, feeding costs and administration costs, and
  • ¬†work with landholders in the wider areas of education, research, habitat, revegetation and release sites.

Meetings are held quarterly at different venues in the New England area, usually in Armidale, or Glen Innes.

This information has been supplied to help you to assist us in our work.

The organisation is licensed under the National Parks and Wildlife Service: Licence No. MWL000100242

The Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Inc. (NTWC) aims:

  • To assist in the rehabilitation and conservation of all native wildlife and associated habitat in the Northern Tablelands, under the General Licence issued by the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NSW)
  • To rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife for return to their natural environment using best and up-to-date information available from all relevant sources
  • To relocated native wildlife which are under threat, or causing distress to the public, into other suitable habitat for that species
  • To train volunteer members to carry out rescues and in the care of native wildlife
  • To alleviate suffering experienced by injured, sick or orphaned animals by seeking prompt veterinary treatment or painless euthanasia
  • To publicly encourage the protection and welfare of native wildlife and their habitats
  • To review policies where necessary in the light of current knowledge and initiate actions in pursuit or our aims and objectives
  • To be involved in habitat enhancement in the Northern Tablelands by planting locally grown suitable species on Public Reserves and encourage by example and education similar improvements on private land, including assisting landholders to establish suitable animal release sites
  • To undertake fund raising activities and education projects to maintain the viability of the organisation and to achieve our other objectives
  • To be of assistance to other groups and organisations where practical, and to exchange information with relevant groups